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Why hire a Chocolate Fountain

For that special occasion, party or event, that you want to be remembered with joy by every guest attending? Why hot hire a chocolate fountain, this will make your wedding, birthday or anniversary a true wonder for all your guests.
Imagine this: as guests arrive they are welcomed by an exciting sweet delicious smell of hot chocolate. Enter the room or hall and your guests notice a large table set with a spectacular chocolate fountain, a selection of perfect strawberries, marshmallows, shortbread, mini doughnuts and more. All waiting there nicely to be put onto skewers.
The warm cascading chocolate will tempt your guests to get a strawberry skewer and put it under the warm chocolate fondue wave. The taste is truly wonderful, the overall image unique, the smell unforgettable and the whole idea has everlasting memory potential.
No longer just for the rich and famous now anyone can hire a chocolate fountain at reasonable prices.

Chocolate Fountain For Hire

The commercial sephra chocolate fountains are quite big (44" tall), made of stainless steel and can serve up to 800 people. These are great for weddings, parties, corporate events and other events. A chocolate fountain at a wedding is certain to get people talking.

How Chocolate Fountains Work

The finest Belgian chocolate is placed in the base of the fountain. The fountain base is heated and this slowly melts the chocolate. This melted chocolate is drawn by an auger to the top of a steel fountain with several steel trays and released from there. Thanks to gravity, the heated chocolate falls continuously like a cascade, from one tray to the next lower one, until it reaches the base. It is then drawn again to the top.

In short:
The chocolate pieces are put in the warming base at the bottom of the chocolate fondue fountain.
Once the chocolate has completely melted, it is drawn to the top of the fountain by a vertical auger.
The chocolate falls from the top of the fountain in a cascade-like wave, reaching several trays placed from top to bottom.
When it reaches the bottom, the chocolate is then drawn back to the top.

Belgian Chocolate is Best

In order for the cascade to pour evenly out of the fountain, you need the Belgian couverture chocolate (usually found in the covering of luxury pralines), which contains lots of cocoa butter, perfect for lovely flowing chocolate.
The bars you buy in supermarkets have less cocoa butter and they need a special additive (vegetable oil) to work in the fountain. The whole idea of adding oil is disgusting, because it affects the taste of chocolate. It's better to use the real couverture products which our company does use in all our chocolate fountains.
Now that we have the perfect chocolate cascade, what can I dip in it? Almost anything that works well with chocolate: all sorts of fruits, strawberries, bananas, apple slices, apricot or peach, grapes or pineapple, marshmallows, biscuits, turkish delight and more.

For a talking point for years to come a chocolate fountain is a great choice.





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